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    U-shaped Baby Toothbrush

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    U-shaped Baby Toothbrush

    Our unique 360° U-shaped children's Toothbrush ensures all-around brushing on the surface of your teeth and the internal direction making teeth brushing a quick and comfortable experience.

    Soft Bristles

    The soft bristles on the U-shaped toothbrush will give your child's teeth a proper cleaning while being as comfortable as a soft massage on the gums. Your child will love using the U-shaped Toothbrush because it will feel like fun and games, rather than a duty or routine.

    Good Grip Handle

    The U-shaped children's Toothbrush has a nicely shaped handle made of quality plastic that is both strong and durable. The Handle on the U-shaped Toothbrush is lightweight, but still a proper size and length to fit into a kid's hand, so they can get a good grip on it and use it with ease.

    Develops Skills in Baby

    The rotating motion of the 360° U-shaped children's Toothbrush, can increase their fine motor skills and encourage young children to develop a sense of independence as they learn to brush their teeth from as young as two years old.

    Improves Oral Hygiene in Children

    By making teeth-brushing fun with our uniquely-shaped 360° U-shaped children's Toothbrush, can improve oral hygiene at an early age and promote healthy habits for years to come!


    • Product Category: Milk Toothbrush
    • Main Material: Food-grade soft rubber
    • Suitable age: 2-6 years old; 6-12 years old

    Packing list:

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